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Water usage and consumption

131 litres / person / day  145 litres / person / day
3.26 litres / person / day  3.34 litres / person / day

Volume of water used per person - The average volume of water used by a person per day. This is also referred to as per capita consumption (PCC).

We targeted a reduction in PCC over 2015-20, from 135 litres/head/day (l/h/d) in 2015-16 reducing by 1 l/h/d annually to 131 l/h/d in 2019-20. PCC is largely driven by external factors outside of the company's control and so no financial ODI is attached to this performance commitment.

In 2019-20 the PCC was 145 l/h/d, 14 l/h/d higher than the target of 131 l/h/d. Over the past five years there has also been an underlying trend of increasing household.

A contributory factor could be a lower number of water meter installations than planned as a result of fewer households opting in (and as a result have implemented several schemes such as money back guarantees to encourage sign-up). An addition, although small, is the start of the lockdown period for COVID-19 in March 2020. Although affecting only a short period in the 2019-20 year, we saw a sharp increase in consumption in that month.
Due to the impact of external factors it is difficult to forecast or manage the delivery of this measure, other than to reflect the actual performance each year.

Volume of water saved by water efficiency promotion - We are committed to helping customers reduce their water use as part of our efforts to operate a sustainable water supply and waste water business.

Our performance commitment for 2015-2020 required us to achieve a saving of 3.26 l/p/d by 2020. If we miss the target in any given year, we will refund customers £1.89m for each l/h/day.

The savings delivered cumulatively to 2019-20 exceeded our performance commitment, so we have met this target and saw us reach a final saving of 3.34l/p/d.