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Bathing water standards

 100% 96%

Beaches passing EU standards - Under the revised Bathing Water Directive (rBWD) beaches are classified as poor, sufficient, good or excellent; classifications are based on the quality of the water over the previous four bathing seasons. If a beach fails to achieve sufficient, it is deemed to have not met EU standards.

We are targeting all designated bathing waters in the region to meet EU standards.

As there are many factors outside the company's control that affect bathing waters, such as the impact of agriculture, there is no financial ODI associated with this measure.

We currently have 48 designated bathing waters within our operational region. Compliance is monitored by the Environment Agency, in accordance with the Directive, and audited annually by Defra.

In 2019-20, 96% of bathing waters within our region passed the EU 'sufficient' standard or higher under the rBWD. Burnham Jetty North and Weston-super-mare Uphill Slipway were the only two bathing waters within the Wessex Water area to fail the required standards in the year.

Despite the delivery of our investment programme at Burnham Jetty North, other drivers of poor bathing water quality remain. In May 2020, Defra confirmed that it will now be removed from the list of designated bathing waters.