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Greenhouse gas emission

Greenhouse gas emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions - Our annual net greenhouse gas emissions, in ktCO2e. 

We are targeting a reduction from 133 ktCO2e in 2015-16 to 119 ktCO2e in 2019-20 compared to a performance of 148 ktCO2e in 2014-15. 

As a large proportion of this is driven by the CO2e emissions from grid electricity a factor that is outside our control there is no financial ODI associated with this measure. 

For 2018-19 greenhouse gas emissions were 119 kilotonnes carbon dioxide equivalent, which is better than our target of 121 kilotonnes carbon dioxide equivalent. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint: key examples in recent years include the preventative aspects of catchment management, extensive energy efficiency work, and investment in food waste digestion which provides electricity consumed by regulated activity. 

GENeco has contracted with third parties to sell green gas certificates in association with the export of biomethane. 

We are anticipating that we will continue to manage our activities to achieve the 2019-20 target but as our performance will be affected by other influences we cannot guarantee the target will be met.