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Sewer collapses

Sewer collapses

Sewer collapses - The five-year rolling average of the number of sewer collapses and rising main bursts. The target is set at 300 throughout AMP6. This represents the level that if we exceeded we could have incurred an underperformance payment during the period 2010-15 from Ofwat.  

Previous reporting in AMP6 has been against our annual performance. However, the performance commitment definition in our final determination requires reporting against a rolling 5-year average. We are therefore restating previous years' figures on this basis, as shown below. The updated figures do not change our reward/penalty position in any year as all remain better than our performance commitment level. Our annual figures have been reported accurately for all years and are not being changed. 

 2015-162016-17 2017-18 
Restated figures (5-year average)271 276 264 
Previously reported figures (in-year)282 264 223 


For every collapse/burst over 300 in a given year we will refund customers £8.4k.  

In 2018-19 we had achieved 257 collapses and bursts, and while weather conditions were favourable in the year we do anticipate achieving the target for 2019-20.