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Sewer collapses

 <300 251

Collapses and bursts on the sewer network - This measures the number of sewer collapses and rising main bursts in the year.

The target is set at less than 300 in each year up to 2020.This represents the level above which we could have incurred an underperformance penalty payment during the period 2010-15. For every collapse/burst over 300 in a given year, we will refund customers £8.4k.

We have achieved this target in each year of the AMP. The reported figure for 2019-20 is 251. In first three years, we reported this figure incorrectly; the commitment is based on a five-year average rather than in year performance (we reported on the latter).  We restated the correct values in our 2018-19 annual performance report. This did not have an impact on whether we achieved the target levels each year.