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Water supply interruption

 12.0 minutes per property7.6 minutes per property 

Water supply interruptions - This measures the average minutes of supply lost per property from interruptions that are longer than three hours.

Ofwat set an industry wide target representing upper quartile performance. In 2015-16, the target was 21.3 minutes. This tightened to the upper quartile of 12 minutes for 2017-18 to 2019-20.

A deadband applies to this performance commitment. In any year we exceed the deadband, we will refund customers £41.9k per additional minute per property.  If in any year we beat the upper quartile performance of 12 minutes, we receive an incentive payment of £6.4k for every additional minute per property to a maximum of 4.5 minutes.

In 2019-20 we achieved 7.6 minutes. This results in an outperformance payment of £28k. Whilst this is an improvement against the target level of 12 minutes, this is an increase on 2018-19 where we achieved 5.9 minutes. This was due to two large incidents in March 2020, which added 2.8 minutes to our time. Had we not had these events, we would have been on track to exceed last year's performance.

Over the regulatory period we have met this commitment for four out of the five years. Over the past two years we have seen a step change in performance levels following a review on how we can reduce the interruption time, shifting the business focus from "repair the failure as quickly as possible", to "how do we get customers back in supply as quickly as possible and then deal with the permanent repair". A number of process reviews and improvements have helped us to reach this level and give us a foundation for the next five year period when this performance commitment continues with significantly tighter targets.