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Water supply interruption

Interruptions to supply

Interruptions to supply - The average minutes of supply lost per property from interruptions that are longer than three hours. 

Ofwat has set an industry wide target representing upper quartile performance. In 2015-16, the target was 21.3, it then tightened to the upper quartile of 12 minutes in 2017-18 where it remains. 

A deadband applies to this performance commitment such that in any year we exceed the deadband we will refund customers £41.9k per additional minute per property; and if in any year we beat the upper quartile performance of 12 minutes we receive an incentive payment of £6.4k for every additional minute per property. 

In 2018-19 we achieved 5.9 minutes, a significant improvement on our past performance that results in an outperformance payment of £255k. Whilst this is a result of continual improvement in our processes and investment in new wats of working, we are conscious that the weather was mild so we did not experience any major incidents. However, the improvements we have made give us confidence we will exceed the target in 2019-20.