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Abstraction at Mere

 100Ml/a 11Ml/a

Abstractions at Mere exported - There are local concerns about the impact of our abstractions at Mere during periods when groundwater levels are low. This PC measures the total amount of water we abstract from the source in a year when groundwater levels are below an agreed trigger level (the AIM period).

We set ourselves a challenging target to significantly reduce our abstraction to a minimal level of 100Ml or less from Mere during the AIM period. This is a significant reduction from the volume that we have historically abstracted over the same period (462Ml).

There is a financial penalty attached to this measure; it represents the extra cost of using water abstracted from elsewhere. We will refund customers £25 for each Ml above the target we abstract during periods of low groundwater.

During the 2019-20 AIM period, we exported 11Ml, which is well below the maximum target level. We have met this commitment for the last three years of the five year period.