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Land assessed & managed for biodiversity

 100% 100%

BAP Landholding assessed and managed for biodiversity - This measures the percentage of landholding we own that we have assessed for biodiversity. The results of this assessment influence appropriate management actions and contribute to achieving Defra's England biodiversity strategy. The undertaking of the management action is not included within the scope of the measure.

The target for 2015-20 was to increase the percentage assessed from 60% in 2015-16 to 100% for sites larger than 0.5 hectares, adding an additional 10% assessed each year.

If we miss the target, we will refund customers £4k per percent.

In 2015-16 and 2016-17, we reported against landholdings that were larger than 0.05 hectares. This was amended in 2017-18 to landholdings greater than 0.5 hectares, which corresponds with the Ofwat definition. In 2019-20 we met the 100% target level, so have met the commitment for the five year period.