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River water quality improved

 70 70

River water quality improved - This measure relates to the number of waterbodies (designated by the EA) to which we have made improvements by increasing the quality of final effluent we discharge into them, or by making other improvements.

From the draft WINEP we calculated that we would be making improvements to 70 unique waterbodies, assuming that the discharge from a STW affects the water body it discharges into and the next one downstream. This is the target for this price control period and any financial incentive will only be applied in the final year.

This measure has the potential for both customer refunds and incentive payments. If we miss the target, we will refund customers £1.674m per waterbody; if we exceed the target, we can receive an incentive payment of £1.290m for each additional waterbody.

By the end of 2019-20 this performance commitment targeted us to make improvements to those 70 waterbodies, a level that we have exceeded through improving 71 water bodies. However, we are excluding this outperformance for the additional waterbody. The water recycling centre to which it applies was assumed in 2014 to discharge to tidal waters. It does in fact discharge to a river waterbody, and we believe that receiving payment for this additional waterbody would not be in the spirit of the performance commitment's aim.