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Length of river with improved flow

Improving flows in rivers

Improving flows in rivers - This measures the length of river with improved flows as a result of changes in abstraction licences. 

The target is 99km in 2018-19 with no improvements due in 2019-20. This is because these improvements relate to specific changes in licence conditions which are due that year. 

If we do not deliver these planned changes we will refund customers £19k per kilometre. If we manage to deliver more changes to abstraction licences that improve additional km of river, we can receive an incentive payment of £19k per additional km. 

In 2017-18 we agreed licence changes at Nutscale, improving the Nutscale Water and Horner Water, as well as at Compton Durville, improving the Lam Brook and North Mills Brook. These licence changes were not anticipated so were an outperformance of the target by 12km of improved river flow. In 2018-19, we made further licence changes at Malmesbury which was granted by the Environment Agency. The overall length of river with improved flows stand at 111 km which is an overperformance of 12 km against a target of 99 km. As these licence changes have now been made, we will achieve 111 km in 2019-20 as well.