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Monitoring CSO’s

Monitoring combined sewer overflows (CSOs)

Monitoring combined sewer overflows (CSOs) - Prior to 2015, we installed monitors on 278 sites. The 2015-20 Water Industry National Environment Plan (WINEP) includes 714 named outputs we have to deliver with regulatory dates, so we will have installed monitors at all environmentally sensitive CSOs by the end of the price control period. This measure is the percentage of these outputs including those prior to 2015 we have achieved.

We were targeted with achieving 43% of the total monitored by the end of 2018-19 and 100% by the end of 2019-20. This measure has the potential for a customer refund; for each 1% we miss the target by we will refund £10k. 

There are 714 outputs required in the WINEP by March 2020. We met our WINEP requirements in 2018-19 by delivering and permitting 193 monitors.

At the end of 2018-19 we are monitoring 80% of the total overlfows that have an impact on the environment and we anticipate achieving the remaining programme.