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River water quality improved

River water quality improved

River water quality improved - The number of water bodies (designated by the EA) we have made improvements to by increasing the quality of final effluent we discharge into them, or by making other improvements. 

From the draft WINEP we calculated that we would be making improvements to 70 unique water bodies, assuming that the discharge from a sewage treatment works (STW) affects the water body it discharges into and the next one downstream. This is the target for this price control period and any financial incentive will only be applied in the final year. 

This measure has the potential for both customer refunds and incentive payments. If we miss the target we will refund customers £1.674m per waterbody; if we exceed the target we can receive an incentive payment of £1.290m for each additional waterbody. 

There was a target of 11 waterbodies for 201-19. We improved 23 waterbodies to date in 2017-18 and have improved a further 15 waterbodies in 2018-19, totaling 38 waterbodies thus far. The remainder of the programme is progressing well to achieve the targets for the rest of the AMP. 

This performance commitment was created in recognition of the uncertainty surrounding the development of the WINEP for PR14. Our business plan was submitted in December 2013 based on the requirement of the WINEP Phase 3 which was issued to us in June 2013.  The final WINEP (Phase 5) was issued in January 2016 and included a final list of schemes included in the WFD second river basin management plan (RBMP2). The schemes listed in the final WINEP included improvements to 71 water bodies, compared to the 70 listed in the earlier WINEP(3). This results in an outperformance payment in the last year of the AMP.