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SIM service score

 >86 86.2

Service incentive mechanism (SIM) service score - The SIM is the Ofwat measure of the quality of customer service. There are two elements; an independent customer satisfaction survey and a customer contact measure covering written complaints and unwanted contacts. The scores for each of these elements are combined to produce a total score out of 100.

At PR14, our target was set as a score of >86 in each year of the five years. We have achieved this performance commitment every year of the 2015-20 period.

In 2019-20 we achieved a score of 86.2. The 2019-20 SIM calculation is based on a proxy method as this measure is being replaced in AMP7 by CMeX - the customer measure of experience.  We have submitted a request to Ofwat to change our target in 2019-20 from >86 to >84. We believe the SIM proxy score used in 2019-20 has given a lower value across the industry than the old methodology as a result of the change to the questionnaire, mix of survey type, and different scoring in the surveys.

We have not included any valuation of the financial impact for the SIM as this is determined separately by Ofwat.