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% rating ease of resolution

Customers rating ease of resolution

Customers rating ease of resolution - This is the percentage of customers in our region who said that their contact was easy to resolve measured through our annual image tracking survey of 1,000 randomly selected customers across our region. Having reviewed the sample sizes achieved for the first 3 years of the AMP they have been found to be too small (around 100 contacts) to demonstrate whether any movement year on year in the effort score is statistically significant or not. As a result we have discussed and agreed with the independent Customer Scrutiny Group, Wessex Water Partnership that ease of resolution should now be measured through our SIM replica surveys which have a sample size of 2,100. 

The 2018-19 performance is 92%, marginally worse than our previous performance. While the performance has remained high, it does not demonstrate an improving trend meaning that we have not achieved our target.