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Flooding risk

 50651 52262

Risk of flooding from public sewers due to hydraulic inadequacy - We measure the total risk of flooding due to lack of capacity by assigning all properties/areas on the flooding risk register to a risk matrix based on the likelihood and impact of flooding. We use this to calculate the aggregate score for the company.

We targeted a constant risk profile over 2015-20, maintaining an aggregate score of 50,651 despite upwards pressure from climate change and urban creep.

This measure has the potential for both customer refunds and incentive payments. As it was a new measure for 2015-2020 with limited historic data, there is a large deadband around the target. If we exceed the target by more than 20%, we will refund customers £10.4m; if we beat the target by more than 20%, we can claim an incentive payment of £7k for each additional point the aggregate score is reduced by.

In 2019-20 we achieved a risk score of 52,262. This is higher than the target score of 50,651 (a lower score is better) but in the underperformance deadband so no penalty applies. We attribute the increase in the risk score and failure to meet the target to the fifth wettest Autumn on record, and the wettest February ever on record.