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Water leakages

Volume of leakage
Volume of leakage - The total daily volume of water we lose from our distribution system.

We have targeted a 5% reduction from our 2014-15 performance of 70 Ml/day, applied as a tightening of the target by 0.7 Ml/day each year up to 2020.

This performance commitment has the potential for both customer refunds and incentive payments. If we miss the target we are penalised by £305k for every Ml/day we are over, but if we beat the target by over 1 Ml/day, we can receive an incentive payment of £110k for every additional Ml/day.

In 2017-18, we achieved 67.7 Ml/d, which is under the target. While the weather conditions were mild for most of the year we had to work hard to manage the impact of two cold spells in the last weeks of the year to achieve the target. This figure is within the outperformance payment deadband so no financial payment applies. We continue to implement innovations and improvements in our leakage management which should result in further leakage reduction in following years and help in delivering the tightening target up to 2020.