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Improving rivers: non-WINEP


We are committed to improving the ecology and the quality of water in rivers as well as continuing to offer leisure and recreational activities for the benefit of the public.

We measure the following activities in relation to improving rivers: 

  • the length of rivers where we have improved water quality by removing nutrients. These are rivers where no action is required by the Water Industry National Environment Programme (WINEP) but where stakeholders agree there is a need for further improvement 
  • the performance of our sewage treatment works (STWs) against their discharge permits; improving the performance of treatment works can help to ensure the region's rivers function ecologically  
  • the implementation of catchment management offsetting in the river catchment. Where cost effective, the alternative use of catchment management to reduce run-off from agricultural land can be a more sustainable option to traditional treatment methods.

Unit of measurement

Current performance (20/21)

2025 target 

km of river improved