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Water quality contacts


We record whenever a customer contacts us regarding concerns that their drinking water does not look or taste 'normal'.

This can include discoloured water, particles and white water (air/chalk). 

The cause of a change in appearance may be due to:

  • a burst water main
  • a main has been turned back on after a repair
  • a third party is using a large volume of water, eg, the fire service.

An increase in these reports from customers may indicate that our assets are deteriorating quicker than we are maintaining them.

Our research has shown that customers think their bills cover the cost of maintaining these assets over the long term. 

We are committed to responding to customer concerns regarding drinking water and to maintaining our assets to ensure we deliver water in a stable condition.

Unit of measurement

Current performance (20/21)

2025 target 

Number of contacts per 1,000 people

Χ 1.44