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Water leakages


Leaks from our pipes and those owned by customers can be affected by:

  • freezing weather
  • the weight of traffic on roads above
  • pressure management or other operational strategie
  • the age and condition of our assets and those owned by customers.

Around 75% of the water leaks from our pipes and the remainder from customers' pipes.

We have reduced leakage to ensure it is significantly lower than the 'economic' level defined by the regulator Ofwat and is now at its lowest level ever.

However, we have committed to do more and reduce leakage further. 

We have seen strong performance in 2020/21 for leakage. However, this has been offset by an increase in the number of mains repairs, another commitment, as a result of our activities.

Unit of measurement

Current performance (20/21)

2025 target 

% reduction from baseline



  *Because we expect to accelerate the rate of leakage reduction after 2020, the 2025 target represents a 13% cut in the three-year average.  It is a 17% reduction from the current 2017-18 level.