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Water use and consumption


The amount of water used is affected by natural changes such as population growth.

To counteract a growing population, we have implemented schemes including increasing the proportion of metered properties and encouraging water efficiency.

Average household water use has fallen since the early 2000s but there is evidence that this trend has been reversing in recent years.

The challenge of maintaining reductions in consumption has become more stretching for various reasons including:

  • the impact of annual weather patterns
  • social trends outside of our control.

Our customers are some of the most water efficient in the country, according to industry data, but average use in other European countries is even lower.

As a result we remain committed to helping our customers to reduce their water usage even more.

This commitment is being reviewed across the water industry, and all companies’ performance will be considered in 2025. Customers’ use of water at home increased significantly as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. We anticipate this will take time to reduce.

Unit of measurement

Current performance (20/21)

2025 target 

% reduction from baseline

Χ -3.8%